CQG Trader System Specifications 

CQG Trader is the perfect execution platform for quickly viewing market activity, placing orders, and tracking orders and positions. To help you maximize your CQG experience, we provide both required and recommended system specifications for running CQG Trader.

Recommended System Specifications for CQG Trader

  Required Recommended
Operating System Windows® 8, Windows 7, or Windows Vista.  Windows 7.
Processor Intel® Pentium® 4 3.0 Ghz Dual-Core. Intel Core™ 2 Duo (2.33 Ghz or better)
Memory 1GB RAM. 2GB RAM.
Hard Drive 7200RPM with at least 1GB of free hard disk space. 7200RPM with at least 4GB of free hard disk space.
Video Card 128Mb of memory (If multi-monitor, 128Mb per video card). 128Mb of memory (If multi-monitor, 128Mb per video card).

System Setting Requirements
Hibernate and stand by modes cannot be used on a system running CQG Trader. Hard drive power-saving features should also be disabled.

Internet Access
CQG Trader requires Internet service via a high-speed connection, such as DSL, cable, or fixed wireless/wireless local loop (WLL). Wireless Internet connections are not recommended, especially broadband over a WiFi card. Dial-up is not supported. All network communications between CQG customers and servers are initiated from the client side. The destination port number at the server side is 2823, CQG's registered port number. CQG also uses a secure connection, port number 443, for authorization purposes.

Monitor Setups
These specifications are appropriate for single- and dual-monitor setups. If you have three or four monitors, you will need a higher performance processor, video card, and network connection.


CQG Trader Network Connectivity

CQG Trader requires connectivity to the following IP addresses using the 2823 and 443 destination ports:


CQGTrader also requires connectivity to the following networks using the 2823 destination port:

Network Subnet Bits Subnet
IP Range 26 to 24 to 25 to 26 to 26 to 26 to 26 to 27 to

To learn more, view the CQG Trader Technical Specifications document or visit the Customer Education Page.

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