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  1. Install the application by running the "AlgoOrder TWAP.msi" setup application.
  2. Make sure CQG IC is running and you are logged in with your gateway account. Open the Order Ticket. Pay attention to the Special Orders button's popup list:
  3. Run the TWAP application by going to Start > All Programs > CQG > Algo Order TWAP. The program icon sits in the system tray and a balloon tip indicates that now you can place TWAP algorithmic orders.
  4. Open the Order Ticket or any other Order Routing Interface you prefer in CQG IC.
  5. Using the Special Orders button, select the "Time Weighted Average Price" order type.
  6. Set the order parameters and place an order. The order confirmation window opens.
  7. Specify the order parameters and confirm the order placement. The AlgoOrder TWAP application, which is running in the background, receives the TWAP order and starts placing orders according to its algorithm and the parameters you have specified.
  8. While there are pending legs for the AO you have placed, right-click on the application icon in the system tray and from the popup menu.
  9. From the menu select Monitor. The Monitor window opens.
  10. Select an order and click on [Cancel Selected Order] button. Clicking on [Cancel All Orders] button terminates all active AOs.
Terminating the AlgoOrder TWAP application will cancel all working AO orders placed with current instance of the application.
Cancelling placed leg orders should be done through CQG IC as reguler orders.
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