Electronic Trading
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Electronic Trading
CQG delivers Hosted Direct Market Access to exchanges around the world. CQG is connected to over seventy-five market data sources and more than forty exchanges for electronic trading. Buy side or sell side, forex or futures, equities or energy, foreign or domestic, CQG connects you to the markets.

CQG sends all orders, cancellations, and modifications through the most robust connection possible to redundant servers using SSL encryption to secure your trading information.

CQG provides order routing ability for futures, options on futures, forex equities, Globex currencies, indices, treasuries, and exchange-traded spreads. Traders can execute orders through CQG's trading platforms: CQG Integrated Client, CQG Spreader, CQG Trader, CQG QTrader, CQG FX, and CQG M.

CQG Trading Platforms
Traders can connect to CQG's hosted gateway services using CQG Integrated Client or CQG Trader.
CQG FCM Partners
Contact one of our Futures Commission Merchant (FCM) partners for more information on trading with CQG. 
Order Routing Pricing
Pricing for order execution isn't always easy to understand. With CQG, it is. CQG charges a flat fee for trades on CQG IC or CQG Trader
CQG Order Routing
Orders are sent through robust network connections and redundant servers using SSL encryption for your security.

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