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Risk Management

CQG offers the most sophisticated and cost-effective risk management tools in the industry. FCMs access straightforward risk settings in CQG's Customer Account Service Tool (CAST), an easy-to-use, browser-based tool for brokers and support personnel to manage accounts and set risk parameters. CAST provides improved management for setting position limits.

Orders move quickly in today's electronic trading and volume has increased dramatically, but the CQG platform doesn't sacrifice risk management. CQG provides the tools that allow you to manage risk on both an order and account basis. More importantly, CQG provides superior tools for managing account balances on a real-time basis.


CQG is one of the first in the industry to provide comprehensive, route-based risk management. CQG’s route-based solution allows you to establish order and position size control over exchange routes. With multiple routes per exchange, you can manage your exchange exposure. Using route-based risk management allows you to efficiently manage your exchange relationships on an exchange-by-exchange basis.


  • State-of-the-art managing
  • Flexible group accounts
  • Robust management of omnibus accounts
  • Fast, cost-effective, and real-time system 
  • Exclusive route-based risk control
  • Risk based on working orders
  • Award-winning customer support

For more information, or to get started, e-mail tellmemore@cqg.com.


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