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Order Ticket

The Order Ticket is a DOMTrader® and order manager all in one. Its depth-of-market (DOM) view provides buy/sell buttons and a set of order management windows. Up to ten buttons are available, depending on your preferences.

CQG allows support for options, study values on the DOM, keyboard order entry, default order size preference, and the account picker.

CQG also allows order-cancels-order (OCO), trailing stop, and trailing stop limit orders, as well as more order modifiers: day, GTC, GTG, FAK, and FOK. Another new feature allows for trades executed outside the CQG Gateway to be placed as manual fills in your account. 


Linked multiple orders can be placed using the OCO button. Place target and stop limit orders as part of a chain. If one order is hit, the other order or orders are automatically cancelled. Change any unlinked resting orders to OCO status in the Working Orders window.

Trailing stop and stop loss orders adjust with the direction of the market on a tick-by-tick basis. For example, the trigger price of a trailing sell stop order will automatically step higher with the market for each up tick. The stop will stay at its highest attained price during any down ticks. A trailing buy stop will track the market lower during each down tick. The trailing stop will hold at its lowest reached price during any up ticks.

Monitor your account's open profit or loss and add manual fills. In addition, positions in related markets can be tracked as a combination. For example, a long position in the pit traded S&P can be placed as a manual fill in an account that's long in the S&P from a trade on CQG. Both positions' open profit/loss are displayed as one position. Hovering the mouse over the position line will detail both positions.

The DOM's price ladder lists the inside market (best bid/ask) and size. Depending on the exchange, the DOM also shows the bid size at prices below the inside market and the ask size at prices above the inside market. Include DOM volume size columns for each price as either numerical values, histogram bars, or both. Each bid and ask price's cumulative size can be listed numerically or as histogram bars. In addition, the average DOM price can be displayed.

The last four trades can be marked chronologically.

The four large buy/sell buttons in the upper half of the window will change in relation to a price selected in the DOM. Alternatively, in the Price Entry window, a new price can be entered and the order buttons will display the new price with the appropriate modifier (limit and stop).

The other six buttons always represent the choice to trade at the market, offer, or bid. Select Trading Preferences, Display, Inside Market. These six buttons display the current size of bids and offers.

There are quantity buttons that can be set in the preferences, as well as cancel buttons for buys, sells, and all orders.

The order management window lists working, filled, cancelled, and parked orders, as well as exceptions and all orders. In the working window, an order can be cancelled, replaced, and designed as "go to market" for immediate execution, as well as be chained for OCO status. Each of the windows can be sorted by column.


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