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Click to EnlargeAs a trader, there is no better way to stay in touch with the world than CQG News. After listening to our customers and observing how traders use the news, we have completely redesigned our interface to provide exactly what you need: usability, flexibility, and power.

The CQG News interface is now available in CQG Trader, our streamlined execution platform, as well as the CQG Integrated Client. CQG Trader customers can now track real-time economic releases and better monitor their trading decisions.

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We understand that traders prefer to spend most of their time and energy trading. In the hectic world of making money, there is little time to carefully sift through indistinguishable headlines. The headlines in CQG News are easy to view and read at a glance, helping traders make decisions more quickly and with better information. Our smooth, scrolling headlines are displayed with the most current headlines larger and the older ones smaller, simple but effective.

The customizable three-pane layout reduces unwanted window clutter on traders' desktops, saving screen space and time. Our latest feature provides synchronization of news headlines with a chart in the CQG Integrated Client.

Need to read headlines you missed? We’ve eliminated the need to scroll through endless headlines to find important stories. Use our new and innovative timeline to navigate quickly and easily to a specific time of day, track the volume of news throughout the day, and monitor News Flash activity.
Avoid drowning in too much information. CQG News' powerful filtering, searching and sorting tools allow traders to see only those headlines relevant to them. Discard the noise and make using the news as streamlined and focused as possible.

CQG News is the trader’s clear choice for following events that drive the market. No one presents Dow Jones News as intuitively.

News Services
The following news services are available on the CQG platforms. You can get headlines for an overview of the news or complete information about a particular market.

Dow Jones News:

  • Commodities Service Basic - An overview of real-time news that focuses on commodity cash and futures markets, providing technical analysis, commentary, and global weather reports.

  • Commodities Service - A comprehensive, real-time news service providing an overview of metals, softs, and agricultural commodities, supplemented by third-party reports and general news from the global markets.

  • Energy Service - Designed for energy market pros, this service covers all major market segments: electric power, crude oil, petroleum products, petrochemicals, and natural gas. Real-time news also includes market commentary and in-depth analysis.

  • European Equities Spotlight - An extensive news service that offers real-time disclosure and reports of European companies, including blue chips, stock market commentaries, and index values.

  • Global FX & Fixed Income News - Delivers relevant, real-time, market-moving news and information on the currency, debt, and fixed income markets to help traders and investment managers build predictive, profitable trading and investment strategies.

  • Global Markets News - Delivers fast, comprehensive coverage to traders and analysts seeking the latest in global equities and industry news, including disclosure and corporate actions and coverage of 14,000 companies in North and South America, Europe, Asia, and
    other emerging markets.

  • News Service (North and South America only) - The most widely-distributed newswire for financial advisors and investment professionals, this service offers extensive coverage of the
    equities market.

  • Dow Jones Australia/New Zealand Report (Australia and New Zealand only) - Provides real-time business and financial news focused on the Australia and New Zealand markets.

  • Local Language Services - CQG offers the following languages for Dow Jones Newswires:

    • Dow Jones Bolsa (Portuguese)
    • Dow Jones Bourse Pro (French)
    • Dow Jones Forex (Russian) 
    • Dow Jones Global (German)
    • Dow Jones Japanese Money Report
    • Dow Jones Nieuwsdienst Professional (Dutch)
    • EFE Dow Jones Professional (Spanish)
    • MF Dow Jones Professional (Italian)

The Hightower Report: Daily, weekly, monthly, and annual market research, analysis, and forecasting services, including market commentaries and chart analysis.

MarketG2 News: Real-time, subscription-based market information, which includes bid/ask, players, levels of interest, and settlements.

Market News International:

Need to Know News:



Report Service
Bullish Consensus®: Market Vane's tool for trading that shows the degree of market sentiment on a particular market. Insights into trader sentiment are based on the recommendations of leading trading advisors, depending on the percentage that are bullish or bearish. View an E-mini S&P 500 daily continuation chart with the Bullish Consensus study.

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