Quote Displays
Click to EnlargeFrom the standard spreadsheet format to the look of big boards at the exchanges, CQG gives traders a number of ways to view the data streaming to CQG. It's easy to move from one format to another and to incorporate many different components of the data: open, high, low, last, net change, percent change, volume, time of trade, and dozens of other values.

CQG takes maximum advantage of screen real estate by giving traders the flexibility to choose from numerous types of windows that are most useful and to add, adjust, and arrange those windows so traders can spot important market movements as they occur.




Quote Displays

  1. Last/Net Change
  2. Market Watch 
  3. Quote Board 
  4. Custom QuoteBoard 
  5. Quote SpreadSheet 
  6. Enhanced Quote SpreadSheet 
  7. Spread Matrix and Spread Pyramid 

Last/Net Change
Used primarily for futures, Last/Net Change shows the price of the last trade and net change from the previous close for the six current contracts of a particular commodity. You can show a number of commodity symbols in a window. You can also set up the display to show the last trade and net change for stocks and individual option series.

Market Watch
Market Watch displays the last trade and net change for a single futures contract, option series, or stock. You select the type of quotes you want: either bid and ask or actual trades. You can also choose to display a "thermometer" graphic indicating the market's current standing relative to the high or low for the day.

Quote Board
Quote Board displays the open, high, low, last trade price, and change from the previous close for each symbol you request. It looks much like the quote boards at the open-outcry futures exchanges. You can choose whether to display bids and offers or actual trades. As with the Market Watch, you can also choose to display a "thermometer" graphic indicating the market's current standing relative to the high or low for the day.

Custom QuoteBoard
Custom QuoteBoard lets you enhance your quote display by allowing you to customize the contents of each cell. You can select from a list of values to display the current status of each value if there is a particular value you wish to monitor.

Quote SpreadSheet
Quote SpreadSheet allows you to create custom spreadsheets, selecting the market symbols and the values you want to display for each symbol in a typical spreadsheet format of columns and rows. You can display a large number of symbols on one page and choose from open, high, low, close, last trade, time of trade, and a long list of other values that you wish to see for every symbol. You can insert bars to identify market sectors and size the cells and window to make full use of space.

Enhanced Quote SpreadSheet
Enhanced Quote SpreadSheet (EQSS) adds an even higher degree of flexibility in CQG's display of quote data. You can display different information about a variety of instruments on this spreadsheet. Unlike the quote spreadsheet, you are not restricted to a single type of data in a column or to data for a specific instrument in a row. EQSS allows you to decide what you want to see in each cell.

If an EQSS view is active and the mouse hovers over a cell that is not empty and not in an edit mode, a tool tip is displayed after a few second delay.

Cells are classified into six categories in EQSS, each with its own unique characteristics. Column header cells in the top one or more rows in the spreadsheet identify column heads and row header cells in the left column of the spreadsheet identify rows. Comment cells are for notes you might want to add. Empty cells have no content, symbol cells show the text of a symbol or expression, and value cells show a current value (if there is one) for the selected symbol.

Spread Matrix and Spread Pyramid
The Spread Matrix and Spread Pyramid allow traders to trade exchange-traded spreads and monitor both exchange-traded and synthetic spreads.

Learn more about CQG's spread trading solution. 


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