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CQG Data Factory offers traders more than twenty years of end-of-day market data and more than seven years of intraday data, including time & sales (tick data), intraday bar, and trade volume. Traders can also access additional data from as far back as the 1930s.

Manage orders online, view sample data, and see how to import data into CQG Integrated Client. Read more about data formats on our Data Factory FAQ web page

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CQG Integrated Client
CQG integrated platform provides the ideal solution for all trader needs - a trading and graphics system all in one package.
Data Factory FAQ
Learn all about the format of Data Factory data; the file format of time and sales, bar, and daily data; data delivery by FTP; and data file compression.
CQG's TFlow shows electronic market aggression by graphically displaying volume hitting the bid or lifting the offer.
Data Factory Pricing
View standard, premium level, and foreign exchange pricing information, per commodity per calendar month. 

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