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CQG Integrated Client combines the power of CQG's analytical tools and global market data with
advanced trade routing.

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System Specifications

User Guides

Quick Reference Card: Charting

Quick Reference Guide




Tutorial Pages:

The tutorial pages are live, read-only pages within your CQG that can be saved to your active page list
to help you create your own modifiable pages. To access:

  • Start CQG.
  • Click the Page button.
  • Highlight the section best suited for your needs.
  • Click the desired page.



CQG Workspaces:

To access CQG component pacs, sample RealTimeData (RTD) spreadsheets, and more, visit the CQG Workspaces website.



  • Call your FCM or clearing firm if you have questions regarding trading.
  • Contact CQG Customer Support if you have questions regarding CQG software.
  • Attend a live/online training session covering charting, analytics, and trading interfaces. Visit the Seminars and Events page to choose from available session times.

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