Technical Analysis

CQG has established a reputation over the last 30+ years for its ability to produce innovative charting tools and analytical studies that quickly become industry standard. CQG gives traders a large number of chart alternatives, all offering maximum flexibility and intuitive, easy-to-use features to set up charts and and display data just the way they like them.

Find out more about CQG's powerful charting abilities.


Studies and Indicators
CQG offers a complete package of over one hundred technical studies. CQG also offers a suite of third-party studies
Flexible Scaling
Almost every facet of CQG can be tailored to a trader's liking.  Adjust time and price scales, and shift to linear, log or percentage scaling. 

Pointer Tools
CQG offers various pointer tools for chart analysis, including simple trendlines, Gann lines, regression lines, and Fibonacci retracements.

CQG's TFlow shows electronic market aggression by graphically displaying volume hitting the bid or lifting the offer.

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