Technical Analysis
Custom Studies in CQG

CQG custom studies allow you to incorporate your trading ideas into your own indicators using simple, trader-friendly terminology.

You can create custom studies by clicking the Formula button and selecting custom studies in the Formula editor. Custom studies can be based on any standard study, custom study, bar value, condition, function, user value, or trading system. To build a new study, select Insert from the Formula toolbox.

CQG also offers a suite of Third-Party Studies.


All studies can be password protected and the formulas hidden, to keep them proprietary. The custom formulas can be exported with password protection for use by another trader.


  • Absolute Value
  • Bar Index
  • Bars Since
  • Ceiling
  • Event Offset
  • Exponential
  • Floor
  • Happen Within
  • Has Value
  • High/Low/First
  • High Level
  • Low Level
  • Natural Log
  • Peak
  • Power
  • Round
  • Sample
  • Sign
  • Square Root
  • Square Root Deviation
  • Standard Deviation
  • Summation
  • Trig Function - Cosine/Arc Cosine
  • Trig Function - Sine/Arc Sine
  • Trig Function - Tangent/Arc Tangent
  • Trig Function - Tangent2/Arc Tangent2
  • Market Profile
  • User-definable Time Frames
  • Spread Profiles
  • Split and Combined Profiles
  • Liquidity Data Bank (LDB)
  • Volume Profile
  • CME Volume Analysis
  • Tick Volume Profile

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