Technical Analysis

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Technical Analysis
CQG is the standard in charting and analytics for the trading industry.

State-of-the-art charting and analytics include exclusive tools designed for today’s electronically-traded markets. Numerous chart types and over one hundred analytics are fully customizable. Trades can be auto-executed using alerts based on conditions, studies, trend lines, price, time, and trading system.

Advanced analytics combined with the best real-time and historical data provide traders with critical insight into market activity.

Studies and Indicators
CQG offers a complete package of over one hundred technical studies. CQG also offers a suite of third-party studies
Traders can write and edit their own custom formulas through CQG’s Define User Formulas window.
CQG offers numerous charts, including TFlow® charts, which allows traders to exclusively see the inside market.


Pointer Tools
CQG offers various pointer tools for chart analysis, including simple trendlines, Gann lines, regression lines, and Fibonacci retracements.


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