CQG Products

CQG Integrated Client

CQG Integrated Client combines innovative electronic trading tools, global market data, and advanced analytics in one convenient application.



CQG Spreader

CQG Spreader offers sophisticated order management and ultra-low-latency trade execution for trading multi-legged, intermarket, and intramarket spreads across accounts and asset classes.


CQG QTrader

CQG QTrader offers powerful trading tools and technical analysis features to trade and monitor the markets.



CQG Trader

CQG Trader is the perfect execution platform for traders who do not require technical analysis tools. It provides global market data and high-performance electronic trading.




CQG FX provides charting, analytics, and order execution tools tailored for the professional foreign exchange trader.




CQG M gives global traders advanced market data, order management, and electronic trading via HTML5 on phones, tablets, PCs, and Macs.



CQG Client APIs

CQG Client APIs include solutions for customers needing the most reliable data, advanced analytics, and ultra-low-latency trading.


CQG Data Factory

You can also buy CQG historical data online through the CQG Data Factory, which offers decades of historical data online. Order and download accurate, top-quality data from over 60 exchanges worldwide.


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