CQG Version 7.9

Click to Enlarge ImageCQG Integrated Client version 7.9 offers seamless integration between order routing and analytics, spread trading, and enhanced charting functionality with yield and forward curves.

  • Study Following Orders will automatically update the order in the exchange's order book as the study value changes.
  • Condition statuses applied to a chart can be displayed on the DOMTrader®.
  • Spread trading for exchange-traded spreads and spread monitoring for both exchange-traded and synthetic spreads are now available.
  • Yield and Forward Curve Charts are available for tracking fixed income, strips, packs, bundles, and portfolios of instruments.

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For more information on the latest features in version 7.9, check out the What's In It For You or the 7.9 Features PowerPoint presentation.

Click to Enlarge ImageSpread Trading
Spread traders can access the Spread Matrix and Spread Pyramid to monitor spreads and place orders. Traders can take advantage of CQG’s chart tools, custom studies, portfolio management, and other advanced analytics by combining them with the Spread Matrix and Spread Pyramid.

Features include:

  • Defining and monitoring:
    • Intracommodity and intercommodity spreads
    • Exchange-traded and synthetic spreads
    • Calendar, butterfly, and condor spreads
  • Trading:
    • Intracommodity and intercommodity spreads
    • Exchange-traded spreads
    • Calendar, butterfly, and condor spreads
  • Setting displays to:
    • Exchange-traded prices
    • Synthetic prices
    • Both exchange-traded and synthetic prices
    • Best prices from both exchange-traded and synthetic prices
  • Using market and limit orders for exchange-traded spreads
  • Selecting the strategies to display on the Spread Pyramid
  • Choosing specific delivery months to display on the Spread Matrix
    and Spread Pyramid
  • Customizing button styles and colors

Click to Enlarge ImageYield and Forward Curves
With the Yield and Forward Curves, CQG plots real-time and historical data and allows traders to set historical preferences based on their trading needs. Yield Curves allow traders to plot the curve of various maturities of fixed income instruments. Forward Curves allow traders to display prices of the same market for different delivery months.

Features include:

  • Creating yield curves of fixed income instruments, such as Treasuries, swap, and money market instruments.
  • Displaying forward curves of futures contracts.
  • Creating custom portfolios, such as energy strips, Eurodollar packs, and other spreads, to view forward curves.
  • Customizing buttons to add historical curves to the same chart. Default settings include minus one day, minus one month, and minus one year.
  • Linking yield and forward curves to a chart and scrolling back in time to analyze the yield or forward curve on particular days.

Check out a PowerPoint Presentation for more information. 

Study Following Orders
Traders can select studies from the price chart, add the studies as a colored icon displayed on the DOMTrader or the Order Ticket price ladder, and link an order to the study value.

Orders will automatically adjust as the study value changes on the chart. For example, an order could follow a moving average value. In addition, the order price can be offset from the study value.

Day Limit, Stop, and Stop Limit orders are available as well as Smart Orders, including:

  • Bracket
  • DOM-Triggered Stop
  • DOM-Triggered Stop Limit 
  • Iceberg
  • Order-Cancels-Order

Three rounding choices can be applied to the study:

  • Standard rounding method
  • Rounding to the current price
  • Rounding away from the current price

Click to Enlarge Image Condition Values on the DOM
Up to four conditions can be displayed on the DOMTrader.

When adding a condition for marking a chart or study, traders can display the condition status on the DOMTrader as a colored icon.

If a condition is true, the icon will be a solid-colored box reflecting the color marked on the chart. If a condition is false, a black line will be drawn around the icon.

Click to Enlarge Image Message Center
Traders can access the Message Center from the Communications Toolbar. These error, warning, and information messages communicate important system information, including technical issues, scheduled maintenance, connection problems, data delays, updates, and problem resolutions. The message will indicate what, if any, action
is required.

Traders have the option to:

  • Delete and archive messages
  • Contact customer support through CQG Live Chat
  • IM other CQG customers
  • Send and print messages

Alert Trading
Traders can incorporate the automation of Alert Trading into their trading strategies.

With Alert Trading, CQG has expanded the supported order types to include:

  • DOM-Triggered Stop
  • DOM-Triggered Stop Limit
  • DOM-Triggered Trailing Stop
  • DOM-Triggered Trailing Stop Limit
  • Iceberg
  • Limit
  • Market
  • Stop
  • Stop Limit
  • Trailing Limit
  • Trailing Stop
  • Trailing Stop Limit

Orders can be triggered based on price, time, trendline crossing, studies, or
trading system.


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