Tradable Exchanges



Trading Routing


CBOT Chicago Board of Trade
CFE CBOE Futures Exchange
CME Chicago Mercantile Exchange
COMEX Commodity Exchange
Eris Exchange Eris Exchange
ICE Futures Canada Intercontinental Exchange
ICE Futures US Intercontinental Exchange
MGEX Minneapolis Grain Exchange
Montreal Exchange Montreal Exchange
NFX Nasdaq Energy Futures
NYMEX New York Mercantile Exchange


ASX Australian Securities Exchange Derivatives (formerly Sydney Futures Exchange)
Bursa Malaysia Bursa Malaysia Derivatives Exchange
HKEX Hong Kong Futures Exchange
ICE Futures Singapore ICE Futures Singapore
KRX Korea Exchange
NZX New Zealand Exchange
OSE Osaka Exchange
SGX SGX Derivatives Exchange
TFX Tokyo Financial Exchange
TOCOM Tokyo Commodities Exchange


Borsa Istanbul Borsa Istanbul
Borsa Italiana Italian Futures & Equities
DGCX Dubai Gold and Commodities Exchange
DME Dubai Mercantile Exchange
EEX European Energy Exchange
Eurex Eurex
Euronext Euronext Derivatives
ICE Futures Europe ICE Futures Europe Commodities
ICE Futures Europe Financials
JSE Johannesburg Stock Exchange Derivatives
LME London Metal Exchange
LSE LSE Derivatives
MEFF Spanish Derivatives
Moscow Exchange Moscow Exchange Equities
Moscow Exchange Derivatives
Nasdaq NASDAQ Commodities
NASDAQ Nordic Derivatives
Ukrainian Exchange Ukrainian Exchange
Warsaw Stock Exchange Warsaw Stock Exchange

Fixed Income

BrokerTec Cash Treasury Pricing Service
Nasdaq Fixed Income (NFI) Nasdaq Fixed Income (NFI)
VFI Capital Markets


Direct FX Direct FX