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Our flagship product continues to evolve, remaining top in the industry for charting, analytics, and trading.

Hedge Management Using Care Orders

Hedge management has been made simple with care orders in CQG.

With centralized hedge management for brokers managing multiple customer accounts, care orders are a flexible way to manage customer trades within CQG:

  • Receive a customer order and hold as parked
  • Allocate portions of the order internally and report back fills
  • Assign fills from orders working at the exchange

Give your customers excellent service with better centralized hedge management from a single provider.

Care Orders Webinar ‌‍‍‍‍

Care Orders


CQG supports RFQ in CQG Integrated Client, CQG QTrader, and the Client APIs. RFQ functionality allows you to request a quote directly from participating exchanges to assess the market and manage risk prior to placing a trade.

API applications can benefit from decreased leg risk on potentially illiquid instruments and pursue the strategies prescribed by your model, unconstrained by the exchange-listed options markets.


Net Change Chart

CQG's new Net Change chart offers analysis of daily volatility. With the chart, you can:

  • Combine multiple Net Change charts using Chart Analog Overlay to visualize movement
  • Change the price scale settings to the same scale for a comparison of like contracts
  • Adjust the color for each instrument for better visualization


Example: This chart shows how Net Change can be used to analyze one Treasury contract out-pacing another. This type of net change analysis may provide insight into buying or selling opportunities. In this example, there is a clear sell-off occurring in Treasury futures and the movement in the underlying instruments correlates with the Net Change chart of the FYT (ratio spread) moving higher.

Batch Order Entry

In an effort to support our customers across all CQG products, we have added Batch Order Entry to CQG QTrader and CQG Integrated Client. Customers can create a list of orders in a plain text file and import the list to CQG to execute a large batch of orders all at once.

Enhanced Sorting and Filtering on Orders and Positions

CQG makes it easier to manage orders and positions for multiple accounts by customer account number or sales series. Use our Microsoft Excel® style filtering to search for an order number or portion of an order number using our smart search filter. Sort positions by account or filter by account/sales series to easily monitor your customers' positions.

For more information, view this quick video ‌‍‍‍‍

Modification of Parked Orders Prior to Activation

Easily modify your parked orders before activation without the need to cancel and replace them. Customers can modify the order quantity and price from the Parked tab on the Order Ticket or in the Orders and Positions window.

Parked Orders

Enhancements for Fixed Income and Spread Trading

For fixed income traders who are trading spreads in yield based on gross basis and the conversion factor, we have added ConvFactor2 to our list of functions in QFormulas. ConvFactor2 used in a spread formula will compute an accurate yield value for the spread. Additionally, we have added the KCG Acknowledge exchange-listed spread symbols to the tradable products on CQG. For more information on KCG-listed instruments, visit https://www.virtu.com/market-making/customliq/vfi/.

Mark Fisher Chart (MBF Chart)

Mark B. Fisher, founder and CEO of MBF Clearing Corp, is one of the industry's leading traders and technical analysts.

CQG is excited to offer, in conjunction with Mark Fisher, the MBF Chart. MBF Charts incorporate Renko-style bricks on a time chart to enhance the interpretation of Fisher's ACD trading methodology of price levels for trading and pivot ranges. The Fisher Bars display the total volume of each brick and the volume traded outside the brick during the same time period.

Watch Mark Fisher explain the new chart and how he uses it in this recorded webinar.

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*Ask your sales representative about the MBF Chart

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Mark Fisher Chart

Footprint Charts and Studies

CQG has integrated Footprint® Charts and Studies into CQG Integrated Client and CQG QTrader, allowing customers to view the popular Footprint chart. The primary focus of this chart type is to organize and display the volume traded at each price and provide an indication of its impact on price. Five variations of the Footprint chart are available:

  • Delta
  • Bid x Ask
  • Volume
  • Profile
  • Imbalance

*Ask your sales representative about Footprint Charts and Studies

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Hybrid Order Ticket (HOT)

Hybrid Order Ticket is our newest order-entry method that incorporates components of other order-entry screens, including DOMTrader and Order Ticket. You can keep the display clean or add more functions to maximize your trading style.​

*Included with your CQG subscription

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Hybrid Order Ticket

Split Quote Board

Split Quote Board is a new view for quotes that offers a user-friendly snapshot of the quotes you want to monitor. Quotes have never been bolder. Not only can you easily set up and monitor quotes, you can also trade directly from Split Quote Board.

*Included with your CQG subscription

Split Quote Board

Multi-Broker Functionality Expanded

With Gateway 5.0, our next generation, low-latency order routing system, we've added microsecond routing to our ever-expanding list of counterparties.

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Gateway 5

Alternative Data Sources

Tap into alternative data sources to leverage CQG IC's premier analysis and charting capabilities without paying twice for data.

*Included with your CQG subscription

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User-Defined Strategies Expanded

UDS and options analytics continue to get more robust with CQG. We're constantly working to include more of what you need to support your trading. We've enhanced UDS to include both time and sales and real-time data for UDS expressions.

*Included with your CQG subscription

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Smart Orders in CQG IC Expanded

We offer a wide range of proven smart order types. Now you can also leverage our API to construct your own custom smart or algo order types and use them natively in CQG IC. Take advantage of our sample code base to create your own flavor of order to meet your trading needs. Find all the API documentation you need to get started. Learn more ‌‍‍‍‍

*Included with your CQG subscription



Other Improvements in CQG Integrated Client

Trading Enhancements

  • The symbol selected to calculate OTE is also used to calculate yesterday’s settlement price if the Use yesterday’s settlement price check box is selected in Trading Display preferences.
  • In version 2016, we introduced Orders and Positions changes that allow traders to see account summary and order data for all accounts and all FCMs in the same view. That functionality has been extended to include Open Position Summary, Confirmations, and Purchase & Sales. Learn more ‌‍‍‍‍

Learn more ‌‍‍‍‍

Charting Enhancements

  • External Data and Charting API - With our XData function, you can easily input any time series into CQG IC.  You can chart it, put studies and conditions on it, and trigger orders with conditional alerts or automated trading strategies. Coming soon to the Charting API: use your .dll models as native studies with no need to build corresponding formulas in the formula builder. Review our API documentation for more information.
  • The option to export the chart data to Excel was added to the chart right-click menu.
  • The option to widen the price scale of charts was moved from miscellaneous chart preferences to the price scale right-click menu.

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System Enhancements

  • Exchange Close was added to Net Change Calculation options in System Preferences.

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