CQG QTrader Latest Features
Now with CQG Mobile included at no additional cost (transaction rates still apply). Trade anytime, anywhere.

We continue to roll out CQG QTrader features and enhancements that make it the professional trader's go-to platform. Don't waste your time with the competition. With CQG QTrader, you get access to all the trading and analytics tools you need, and you can now leverage our mobile app to further empower your trading.

CQG Mobile is Here

CQG Mobile apps are now available for CQG Integrated Client and CQG QTrader customer using Apple and Android products. Download the apps from the app store to manage your CQG account on-the-go.

MiFID II Compliance

CQG’s MiFID II compliance-related updates provide our partners with solutions to meet their requirements, as interpreted from MiFID II regulation. MiFID II enhancements are specifically for customers in the EU, those participating in EU markets, and those who use a MiFID II-regulated clearing firm.

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Algo Strategies

CQG has partnered with several brokers to integrate their popular algorithmic strategies into CQG IC and CQG QTrader: Wedbush, Quantitative Brokers, RCM-X, and BAML.

Leverage these strategies to enhance your trading without the need for custom development. Coupled with CQG’s Algo Analytics, including TCA reports, you can try various strategies and measure performance for better execution.

*BAML algos are not multi-broker, they are for BAML customers only.

Hedge Management Using Care Orders

Hedge management has been made simple with care orders in CQG.

With centralized hedge management for brokers managing multiple customer accounts, care orders are a flexible way to manage customer trades within CQG:

  • Receive a customer order and hold as parked
  • Allocate portions of the order internally and report back fills
  • Assign fills from orders working at the exchange

Give your customers excellent service with better centralized hedge management from a single provider.

Care Orders Webinar ‌‍‍‍‍

Care Orders


CQG supports RFQ in CQG Integrated Client, CQG QTrader, and the Client APIs. RFQ functionality allows you to request a quote directly from participating exchanges to assess the market and manage risk prior to placing a trade.

API applications can benefit from decreased leg risk on potentially illiquid instruments and pursue the strategies prescribed by your model, unconstrained by the exchange-listed options markets.


Batch Order Entry

In an effort to support our customers across all CQG products, we have added Batch Order Entry to CQG QTrader and CQG Integrated Client. Customers can create a list of orders in a plain text file and import the list to CQG to execute a large batch of orders all at once.

Enhanced Sorting and Filtering on Orders and Positions

CQG makes it easier to manage orders and positions for multiple accounts by customer account number or sales series. Use our Microsoft Excel® style filtering to search for an order number or portion of an order number using our smart search filter. Sort positions by account or filter by account/sales series to easily monitor your customers' positions.

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Modification of Parked Orders Prior to Activation

Easily modify your parked orders before activation without the need to cancel and replace them. Customers can modify the order quantity and price from the Parked tab on the Order Ticket or in the Orders and Positions window.

Parked Orders

Enhancements for Fixed Income and Spread Trading

We have added the KCG Acknowledge exchange-listed spread symbols to the tradable products on CQG. For more information on KCG-listed instruments, visit https://www.virtu.com/market-making/customliq/vfi/.

Other Improvements in CQG QTrader

Charting Enhancements

  • The option to export the chart data to Excel was added to the chart right-click menu.
  • The option to widen the price scale of charts was moved from miscellaneous chart preferences to the price scale right-click menu.

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