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Market Data Requirements

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Will market data be used in a non-viewable form in any system, process, program, machine or calculation, other than in order to display or distribute data for display?
If you are requesting access to CME Group data (including from CME, CBOT, COMEX, NYMEX and DME exchanges), will your application or use of CME Group data include a tool or functionality deployed on a display device by an individual user, which is used to augment manual trading by automating the trading decision process and routing such automated orders? The CME Group’s examples under this data use category include automated spread execution, auto-quoting, mass quoting, options quoting, options sniping and electronic eye


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  • I acknowledge that if I have selected CQG API use that involves Market Data, I/my company may need to obtain exchange approval prior to CQG enabling Market Data access.
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