Modern Graphics and Analytics

Charts are a trader's visual portal to the price movements of the markets. CQG's graphics have always set the standard and CQG One continues that tradition. We offer traders a large number of chart types, all with easy-to-use features.

CQG One builds on the success of CQG Desktop. All future advanced charting and analytics, innovative trade routing functionality and more will be available in CQG One.

Pro Trading Features

Trade global markets with confidence and efficiency. Set up CQG One's trading interfaces to match your trading style. Our trading interfaces offer features specific to the professional trader's requirements including single-click trading from the price scale, Detailed DOM/Market-by-Order, server-side smart orders, and CQG Algos.

Pro can mean easy-to-use

You will quickly see how intuitive our platform is to use, configure, and deploy. From user provisioning, to building and sharing portfolios, window linking, and drag and drop tabs. CQG One makes trading workflow comfortable and efficient. Less time in setup, more time in the markets.

Your choice:     
Browser or Install

Our lightning fast HTML5 means easy access to the markets from anywhere, anytime. Updates with new functionality happens seamlessly over the air in off-trading hours. For institutional customers, a windows installed version will be available for IT compliance.

Market Data     
Global connectivity

Through CQG One you can access exchanges around the world for both market data and trading. Our ultra-secure, high-speed, consolidated market data feeds deliver real-time and historical data from over seventy-five global sources. Life of contract data included.

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CQG Algos: Optimal execution for large orders

Ever evolving technological advances in electronic trading present us with unique opportunities and distinct challenges. Capitalize on these and gain better control of your trading strategies with CQG Algos.

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Why CQG One?

  • CQG's robust cloud infrastructure has been the industry standard for data quality in the futures industry since 1984.
  • CQG One works on virtually any platform and uses the latest technologies to bring a robust experience: HTML5, Protobuf, and WebSockets.
  • CQG One's feature set is focused on the functionality that makes you a better trader.

CQG Spreader in CQG One

  • The CQG Spreader Core (CQG co-located exchange servers) uses proprietary algorithms to manage working legs of the spread.
  • The close proximity of the CQG Spreader Core to global exchange servers allows order modifications and execution of balancing leg orders to occur in less than a millisecond.
  • The Spreader Core eliminates geographic latency for traders in any location.
  • The Spreader Core manages all your spread orders centrally, thus competing orders in the same strategy monitor each leg and dynamically adjust working orders based on the market's liquidity.

Key Features

Available now

  • Single-click trade entry
  • Detailed DOM/Market-by-Order
  • CQG Algos
  • CQG Spreader
  • CVB & Tick charts
  • Point & Figure charts
  • Renko charts
  • Volume Profile study
  • Modify orders on chart
  • Life-of-contract historical data
  • Live chat with customer support
  • CQG Profile charts

Coming soon

  • Additional advanced chart types and studies
  • Study alerts


  • Desktop install
  • Custom formulas and conditions

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