Custom Contract Publishing

Bring transparency and efficiency to traditional supply chains. Easily streamline the order and risk management process by creating custom contracts tied to exchange traded sources for specific customers by location and add basis, cash, or flat pricing. 

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Hedge Management

CQG's HMS helps commercial forms collaborate across entire ecosystems, get new products into market faster, turn valuable data into actionable insights, and invigorate the entire supply chain. Automatically hedge positions as orders come in from suppliers. Dramatically reduce risk, eliminate duplicate work by using a single platform and integrations.

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Easily match orders from customers with CQG Care Orders and Internalization Engine

By using CQG's Internalization Engine, trading and commercial firms can now match orders internally, reducing exchange fees and compliance risk. 

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Risk Management

Comprehensive Pre-trade Risk

CQG's pre-trade risk helps firms have the confidence to deploy software to customers and suppliers.

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