Grow your business by partnering with CQG

Much more than an ISV, CQG has been building solutions for the financial markets for 40 years. We will do the development for you. You can focus on creating new products and services while leveraging CQG's experience in deploying software and maintaining a industrial-strength, global network.

Solution: Front-end software

Deploy trading software that improves customer satisfaction

Improve customer satisfaction and touch points by deploying world-class CQG software and reduce the cost of managing expensive infrastructure. By white-labeling CQG's trading software, you benefit from CQG's 40 years of experience creating professional software. And minimize risk and expense of an entirely different business line.

Solution: Matching engine

Multi-Asset Matching

CQG's Matching Engine is a cost effective way for new and emerging exchanges looking to buy instead of build. CQG's custom contract and pricing controls, and RFQ and response tools give you total control over pricing per group, account and user, giving your users more ways to interact with your liquidity and counterparties.

Solution: Custom pricing and marketing

See how CQG is helping partners transform cash commodities workflow

Want to publish pricing to different market participants by group or account? CQG's custom pricing platform gives you the control you need.

  • Provide customers with real-time product information using CQG technology
  • Increase your sales by publishing customized prices and contract sizes through bid/offer screens
  • RFQ and response tools, internal matching engine, and flexible integrations optimize over-the-counter operations.

Solution: Block Exchange

Minimize risk through transparency and automation

CQG's anonymous RFQ and response system for custom block trades reduces the risk of over-exposure for market participants and provides a way to post and respond to RFQ’s for block quantities away from the exchange’s central limit order book. CQG’s Matching Core facilitates the blocks and allows counter-parties to be aware of their trade before the filled orders are posted to the exchange market data feed, giving them more anonymity and flexibility to trade more volume.

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