Historical Data

We offer a vast repository of historical market data drawn from global exchanges. The majority of this data was collected directly from exchange feeds with no consolidation or filtering. Our data offering includes futures, bonds, foreign exchange, indices, equities, and various exchange-traded strategies. Decades of daily data and many years of intraday data, including tick and best bid/ask, is available for download.

CQG Data Factory

Local daily and intraday historical databases for futures, forex, and cash.

The Portara Powerhouse

Easily create continuous and actual data in any time frame and any format.

Any Backtesting Platform

Seamless integration into any third-party application globally.

Historical Data Products Comparison


CQG Data Factory


Data Orders

Individual instruments

Any custom date range

Full, from inception


By special request


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Custom formatting


Data Products

Daily bars, V/OI


Intraday minute bars


Time and Sales


Individual contracts


Continuation data

Active continuation by request


Custom parameters continuation


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Data Location

Local drive

Raw data

Local copy

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