The CQG Ecosystem

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Build vs Buy

Successful businesses innovate, that is they continue to grow by creating new products and services. However, growth is change and change involves risk. Therefore, growth must be managed.

The first question facing management in the process of developing a new product or service is do they do this in-house, that is “Build” or should they outsource, i.e. “Buy”.

Traditionally, the preferred approach to such an investment has been to build custom applications in-house over concerns that a third-party solution won’t meet their specialized needs or connect with existing systems.

However, Gallup reports that one in six IT projects have an average cost overrun of 200% and a schedule overrun of almost 70%. This is due to the cost of the initial build, support, bug fixes, upgrades, and keeping up with market trends.


Partner with CQG

Rather than building and maintaining expensive infrastructure, a more efficient solution is to partner with CQG and deploy CQG software to your customers around the world.

Leverage CQG's brand status, expertise, robust infrastructure, and customer service.

Global Network of Partners

CQG has been in business for over forty years. By partnering with CQG you will be leveraging both CQG’s expertise as well as CQG’s many alliances. Your firm immediately connects to the world’s most active exchanges. You can join our list of reputable brokers or form new relationships with experienced brokers. Connect to institutional, commercial, and innovative API partners. CQG creates successful synergies by forming associations.

Why CQG?

The CQG Ecosystem

Front-end software

  • Original/legendary charting and analytics packages
    • More chart types, analytics, and technical indicators than the competition
    • Mobile and cloud-based, multi-asset, multi-broker platforms
    • Back testing and auto-trading capabilities 
  • Trade Execution
    • Including algos, smart orders, multiple market views and order entry widgets
    • Auto-spreader and exchange aggregator for multi-asset trading
  • Configurable for different customer segments around the world
  • Tried and true, over 40 years of refinement

Robust Network

  • CQG connects to over 85 global market data sources, 45 tradable exchanges and 139 broker environments- multi-asset, multi-broker platforms 
    • Futures, options, fixed income, equities, and digital assets across the globe 
  • Ops located around the world who are experienced in working with global exchanges and customers
  • Ongoing innovations in data distribution for more than 40 years

Award winning customer support

  • Onboarding/Ramp up
  • FCM Desk for tier 2-3 support
  • Customer Support (CSP) for Tier 1 support
  • CQG’s Product Specialists are practicing traders with a total of 200+ years of trading experience
  • 24/7 support assistance  

Risk management and User provisioning

  • CQG offers tools for you to easily establish and maintain risk parameters for individual and group accounts.
  • Customer Account Service Tool (CAST) platform to manage users and enablements
  • Quickly deploy onboard users across the globe in minutes

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