Commercial Energy Firms

Bring efficiency and automation to your entire supply chain with CQG's Hedge Management and Custom Price Publishing Solutions


Manual workflow holding you back?

Manual processes are expensive, cumbersome, and have a greater risk of errors. Along the physical commodity supply chain, there are many points of contact handled over the phone with pen and paper.

  • Risk of price slippage due to antiquated workflow
  • Too many manual processes and steps to place a trade
  • Too many phone calls to deliver pricing
  • Increased overhead limiting the number of customer and quality of service


Become your customers' favorite partner through trust, transparency and efficiency

  • Speed: Act fast and manage risk across your organization with CQG's easy-to-use risk management system
  • Flexibility: Set up risk limits in multiple ways
  • Access: Browser based use from anywhere around the world


Easy-to-use Mobile Tools

  • CQG's platforms help producers with visibility of markup pricing from refineries/warehousers.
  • Place basis trades simply and quickly without having to make a call.

Refineries, Plants, Warehousers

Optimize interactions with Producers: Publish Markup Pricing

  • Provide customers with real-time product information
  • Increase your sales by publishing customized prices and contract sizes through bid/offer screens
    • Bid pricing for producer product
    • Product pricing for fertilizer, herbicides, feed and more
  • RFQ and response tools, internal matching engine, and flexible integrations optimize custom pricing operations.

Risk Managers

Total Risk Control and Optimization

Reduce overhead, increase transparency, and run a more efficient hedge desk by using a modern, digital platform across producers, manufacturers, and central desk.

  • Create and quote products to the supply chain
  • Streamline risk management process with comprehensive hedging technology
  • Setup and manage producer accounts versus order desk accounts and maintain an aggregate view of risk across all accounts.
  • Automatically or manually match orders internally or route to the exchange


How it works

CQG and partners collaborate to configure solutions to solve particular challenges

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