Solution: Hedge Management

Grow your business with upgraded tools

Optimized to handle the industry's evolving needs, CQG for Hedge Management helps commercial agribusiness and farmers collaborate across entire ecosystems, get new products into market faster, turn valuable data into actionable insights, and revolutionize farming.

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Solution: Custom Price Publishing

Harvest new efficiencies with a unified price publishing and discovery platform

Whether your firm needs to publish basis, bid/offer, flat, markup or spread pricing, or anonymous RFQ block trades, see how CQG can help make custom contract pricing transparent, efficient and compliant.

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Solution: Market Data

The original futures markets

Traders in the agricultural markets use CQG for market data (many agricultural products have nearly 50 years of historical data), legendary analytics, and trade routing to futures exchanges around the world.

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Solution: Trading

Robust tools from a reliable network

  • Broad global coverage
  • Powerful trading with DOM views, server-side spreading, and smart order management
  • Algo order and auto-trading capabilities
  • Access all major markets through APIs
  • Route orders and manage trades through Microsoft Excel®

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