Exchanges and Liquidity Providers

Unlock new opportunities through innovative tools

Discover how CQG helps fixed income exchange and liquidity partners unlock new opportunities by building smarter relationships with every client through branded and customized front-end software, RFQ systems for block trades, custom price publishing per group or customer, and our powerful matching core.

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The robust tools you need for sophisticated customers

Your customers focused on trading debt, be it cash or futures are very sophisticated. You need top-shelf risk management tools, account service management, and global connectivity to market data and exchanges to best serve these customers.

CQG offers a comprehensive suite of tools to manage customers and accounts, manage risk, provide Global DMA and professional desktop and mobile apps.

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Global market data and trade routing

Fixed income traders access market data and order routing to US cash treasuries platforms, Canadian cash bonds, and global fixed income futures exchanges. Fixed income yield curve traders can execute yield curve plays, calendar, butterfly, strips, and packs using our co-located servers for server-side spreading and aggregation.

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Superior data visualization

Integrated Client (CQG's flagship product) offers multiple chart types, over a hundred technical studies, custom study formula builder, perform sophisticated analysis, backtesting and simulations. Incorporate any dataset for charting and analysis in CQG. Connect to Microsoft Excel® using RTD technology for real-time analysis, modeling and trading.

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CQG mobile products

Built on CQG's robust cloud infrastructure, CQG Mobile has the data quality, coverage, and reliability that global traders have come to expect.

Features include:

  • Fast login with TouchID/FaceID
  • Push notifications
  • Real-time quotes, charts & analytics
  • Easy-to-use trading and order management
  • Server-side bracket orders

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