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Key Features


CQG Desktop

  $100 + $0.25 per fill,
$1000 cap1 + $0.03 tail2
$25 + $0.25 per fill,
$595 cap1
Price alerts*
Study & Condition alerts*

Quotes and Data

Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Charting 3 years
Extended Historical & Expired Contracts Daily continuation only
Extended Intraday
Time & Sales Display
Various quote displays and heat maps


Various order entry widgets
Single-click order entry (DOMTrader)
CQG Algos & CQG Algo order entry **
CQG Spreader $250***
User-Defined Options Strategies **

Charting & Analytics

Various basic chart types
Advanced chart types:
CVB, P&F, CQG Profile, Renko and more
Many basic studies
Advanced studies:
Volume Profile study and more
Custom studies & formulas *

1 Pricing per FCM
2 CQG One base fee $100 + transactions $0.25 per fill up to $1,000, then at $0.03 per fill once transactional fees reach $1,000
* Coming soon
** Included + additional transactional fees
*** $250 add-on2


What's New


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Why CQG One?

CQG One builds on the success of CQG Desktop. All future advanced charting and analytics, innovative trade routing functionality and more will be available in CQG One.

Pro Trading Features

Trade global markets with confidence and efficiency. Set up CQG One’s trading interfaces to match your trading style. Our trading interfaces offer features specific to the professional trader’s requirements including single-click trading from the price scale, Detailed DOM/Market-by-Order, server-side smart orders, and CQG Algos.

Your choice: Browser or Install

Our lightning fast HTML5 means easy access to the markets from anywhere, anytime. Updates with new functionality happens seamlessly over the air in off-trading hours. For institutional customers, a windows installed version will be available for IT compliance.

How to upgrade

Existing CQG Desktop customers can simply reach out to your broker/FCM and ask for CQG One.