CQG Enterprise API Questionnaire

Thank you for your interest in enterprise APIs

Important Note
These APIs serve enterprise customers.
If you are not affiliated with a company and have questions about CQG API services for individual use, please submit the CQG Client API Questionnaire .


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Company Information

This is the entity that will contract with CQG for the requested services.

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Proposed API Use Details

Market Data Use Details

From which exchanges do you want to receive real-time market data?

From which exchanges do you want to receive delayed market data?


  • By submitting this documentation I affirm that the information set forth above is complete and accurate. I acknowledge and agree that I will only use the CQG API services in conjunction with the uses set forth in this documentation and any unapproved use may be subject to additional fees, costs, or penalties for which my company will be solely liable. If any use or anticipated use of CQG’s APIs change from the information set forth above, I agree to notify CQG of the same within three (3) business days.
  • I acknowledge that before moving forward with any CQG API my company will sign the CQG API Services Agreement and pay the designated application fee (link to application fee charges).
  • I acknowledge that if I have selected CQG API use that involves Market Data, my company may need to obtain exchange approval prior to CQG enabling Market Data access.

¹ Requires exchange pre-approval

² May be subject to CME non-display fees. Please read the CME policy.

³ CME Group data definitions:

  • Automated Trading Systems (ATS): any system or software that generates and/or routes orders electronically with no, or only de minimis human action involved in generating, sending and/or verifying orders.
  • Internal Order Processing (to replace trade internalization): any electronic systems or computer software that matches trades within an organization.
  • Internal Non-Display: nonviewable use of data internally by/in any system, process, program, machine or calculation other than in order to display or distribute data for display. Such use may include, but is not limited to, calculation of P&L, portfolio valuation, order processing, use within Automated Trading Systems and automated order routing.
  • Derived Works: using or processing any element of Information for the purpose of creating and/or distributing new original works, including without limitation the creation or recalculation of indices or any financial instrument or product (investable or otherwise). The use of Information to create graphs and charts, where the underlying value of elements of Information cannot be identified or calculated (for example to compare percentage change in elements of Information with percentage change in other data) is not considered derived works.