CQG QTrader Latest Features

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We continue to roll out CQG QTrader features and enhancements that make it the professional trader's go-to platform. Don't waste your time with the competition. With CQG QTrader, you get access to all the trading and analytics tools you need, and you can now leverage our mobile app to further empower your trading.

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Introducing "Trade Clear"

Previous versions of CQG IC and QTrader cleared daily market values, such as open, high, low, and close from quote displays and the daily value for a chart when a particular market closed and was in the pre-open state. Now, they are cleared at the "Trade Clear" - 15 minutes before the open of the first trading session (generally, in the evening). This change applies to a limited set of commodities including ZSE, ZWA, ZLE, ZME, HE, GLE.

Read more from the Help file.

UDS and Strategy Analysis Upgrade

The UDS functionality has been significantly updated with many more strategies and the ability to filter the Strategy Analysis window to list those suitable for trading at the CME, those suitable for trading at Eurex, Euronext, and the ICE exchanges, and those that are not tradable UDS symbols.

The two first groups intersects: there are strategy definitions that would be accepted both by CME and by Eurex/Euronext/ICE. The user selects which of the three groups shall be used; by default, the CME set of strategies is selected. For more details, please read the Help File.

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