CQG QTrader Latest Features
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We continue to roll out CQG QTrader features and enhancements that make it the professional trader's go-to platform. Don't waste your time with the competition. With CQG QTrader, you get access to all the trading and analytics tools you need, and you can now leverage our mobile app to further empower your trading.

Built-in data that goes all out
End-of-day data for global markets now included

CQG continues to bring real value with global end-of-day day data now included as part of the standard subscription service. Now, you can access end-of-day data from 22 exchanges from around the world!

Gain an edge starting your trading day with insights into how markets in other regions finished out their trading sessions. Perform more sophisticated analysis including tracking correlations between similar markets for finding better trading opportunities.

For more details about this feature please see the CQG Help file.


  • BM&F
  • CBOE
  • CME
  • ICE
  • TMX


  • Borsa Istanbul
  • Borsa Italiana
  • Deutsche Borse
  • DGCX
  • Euronext
  • JSE (No equities)
  • LME
  • LSE
  • Swiss Exchange


  • ASX 24 (Not ASX equities)
  • Hang Seng Indices
  • HKFE
  • OSE
  • TFX
  • TSE

Download this CQG PAC that includes a Quote Spreadsheet Version 2 with the top three traded symbols from each of the exchanges, as well as links to a daily and a weekly chart.

End of Day Data

Server Side Bracket Orders
Serving Up a Powerful Peace of Mind

Bracket orders, a favorite order type among profession traders, are a combination of a profit target order and a stop loss order which are automatically placed when your entry order is filled.

Now, bracket orders will reside on CQG’s co-located servers giving you the best in reliability.

For more details about this feature please see the CQG Help file.

Excel At Using Excel With CQG

CQG offers two new studies and one new chart type for customers developing models, analytics, and utilizing other Excel features. These three new features provide a seamless connection between Excel and CQG. Whatever models you have built with Excel you can easily pull into CQG current real-time values, as well as a time series, and you can chart in CQG proprietary market data.

The chart example is using the XLTS study. The CFTC Commitment of Traders data (Large Net Speculators, Net Commercials, and Net Small Speculators) for the gold market is maintained in an Excel spreadsheet and is displayed on the chart using the XLTS study.

Also available in CQG QTrader for an additional fee.

For more details about this feature please see the following CQG Help files:

Upgrades to the Moving Average Study

CQG’s popular moving average study provides you with more flexibility with the addition of three new moving average types: The Median, Trix (triple exponential smoothing) and the Exponential Hull Moving Average.

These additional average calculations are also available as parameters for studies that use a smoothing parameter, such as the Average True Range study.

For more details about this feature please see the CQG Help file.

Know Your Place with the Estimated Place in the Queue

CQG offers an estimate of where your order is in the queue of the Exchange’s order book. On the DOM ladder over the total working volume at the price of your order are the number of orders ahead of your order and the number of contracts ahead of your order giving you a sense of your chances to be filled.

For more details about this feature please see the CQG Help file.

New and Improved: Imbalance Delta Bar (IDB)

CQG offers a new chart type called the Imbalance Delta Bar chart. This chart type is similar to the Delta Bar chart except what you enter in the buy side has to be x% greater than the sell side (and vice versa) to indicate an imbalance. This can give you more insight into whether the buyers or the sellers are winning. In addition, the popular Footprint study can be applied to the Imbalance Delta Bar Chart.

For more details about this feature please see the CQG Help file.

Fractional Pricing Display Enhancements

For traders of markets that are priced in fractions you can now display fractional prices that include a fraction of the fraction using what is referred to as Solidus (slash). For example, 112-16’1/4.

For more details about this feature please see the CQG Help file.

Better Visualization with Bar Overlapping Coloring Feature

A new feature for your charting is coloring each bar’s price range with up to two previous overlapping bar’s price ranges. This overlapping bar coloring feature can help identify periods of price congestion that may be a precursor to a trend.

For more details about this feature please see the CQG Help file.

Easily Suspend “Park Until” Orders

Quickly cancel activation for orders in the Park Until and Time Till states by right clicking on the cancel button and selecting “Park Indefinitely.” This will save you an extra step.

For more details about this feature please see the CQG Help file.

Reduce Your Costs: Long and Short Positions Supported

We have added a new feature to the trade routing interfaces and the Orders & Positions display. This feature allows you to place trades with a designation and instructions and depending on the exchange, this feature will reduce your fees.

For more details about this feature please see the CQG Help file.

CQG Mobile is Here

CQG Mobile apps are now available for CQG Integrated Client and CQG QTrader customer using Apple and Android products. Download the apps from the app store to manage your CQG account on-the-go.

Important Notes

  • Requires .Net Framework 4.6 or higher
  • CQG Version 2019 does not support Windows Vista or Windows XP.
  • CQG 2019 no longer supports DDE. Only RTD is supported.
  • Password requirements have changed. Passwords must include at least 8 characters, alpha and numeric characters, at least one special character, and both upper and lower case.
  • Customers using Algo order samples should upgrade to the latest versions for 2019 available here.