What's New
The following features and enhancements are available in CQG Integrated Client.

Excel At Using Excel With CQG

CQG offers two new studies and one new chart type for customers developing models, analytics, and utilizing other Excel features. These three new features provide a seamless connection between Excel and CQG. Whatever models you have built with Excel you can easily pull into CQG current real-time values, as well as a time series, and you can chart in CQG proprietary market data.

The chart example is using the XLTS study. The CFTC Commitment of Traders data (Large Net Speculators, Net Commercials, and Net Small Speculators) for the gold market is maintained in an Excel spreadsheet and is displayed on the chart using the XLTS study.

Also available in CQG QTrader for an additional fee.

For more details about this feature please see the following CQG Help files:

Upgrades to the Moving Average Study

CQG’s popular moving average study provides you with more flexibility with the addition of three new moving average types: The Median, Trix (triple exponential smoothing) and the Exponential Hull Moving Average.

These additional average calculations are also available as parameters for studies that use a smoothing parameter, such as the Average True Range study.

For more details about this feature please see the CQG Help file.

Better Visualization with Bar Overlapping Coloring Feature

A new feature for your charting is coloring each bar’s price range with up to two previous overlapping bar’s price ranges. This overlapping bar coloring feature can help identify periods of price congestion that may be a precursor to a trend.

For more details about this feature please see the CQG Help file.

Important Notes

  • Requires .Net Framework 4.6 or higher
  • CQG Version 2019 does not support Windows Vista or Windows XP.
  • CQG 2019 no longer supports DDE. Only RTD is supported.
  • Password requirements have changed. Passwords must include at least 8 characters, alpha and numeric characters, at least one special character, and both upper and lower case.
  • Customers using Algo order samples should upgrade to the latest versions for 2019 available here.

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