* CQG M is now CQG Desktop

What's New in CQG Desktop


Quotes Added a quick filter on QSS and Spreadsheet Trader General Improved tab overflow Improved font rendering on non-retina displays Updated some widget names and icons

As always, we hope that these updates help improve your trading... more

Charts Added parabolic study Improved pinch and zoom interaction on CQG Mobile Added trend and ray pointer tools General Added another fractional price format: solidus

As always, we hope that these updates help improve your trading workflow... more

Charts Cursor value box now shows data for last bar in view General Reduced width of the left navigation bar Trading Added last trade price column to Positions widget Quotes Added exchange column in QSS and Spreadsheet Trader Added... more
Charts New drawing tools: Trend lines and channels Added Ichimoku study Added Directional Movement (DMI) Study Right-click menus Added ability to pan chart into the future Trading Scale compression in HOT & Spreadsheet Trader View only... more
Charts Horizontal and vertical lines pointer tools. Coming soon: Cursor value display with vertical line tool. More pointer tools. General Improved changing a symbol in Chart and HOT. Added symbol description on single-symbol widget tabs. Left... more