What's New in CQG Mobile



Chart widget updated

New studies
New color options for the Volume study
Context menu for Orders & Positions

Bracket orders support improvements
Improved control over push notifications... more


Improved visiblity for working orders on HOT
Icons in main navigation now display the number of working orders and positions
Tapping on fill notification will now navigate to the filled orders screen
Parking... more


Added the ability to trade from the chart
Support for comment rows in the quoteboard
Improved display for symbols with delayed data
Improved display of order info for bracket orders

More Details and How... more


Added setting for TouchID/FaceID to trade
Improved performance when viewing a large number of orders and positions
Added time stamp for fills on order screen
Trading interfaces hide order types when not... more


Order Info view
Trailing and Iceberg orders
Position matching preference: Intraday first

More Details and How to Access the New Features

Order Info

Tap on an order to show an order action sheet... more