What's New
The following features and enhancements are available in CQG Integrated Client.


Server Side Bracket Orders
Serving Up a Powerful Peace of Mind

Bracket orders, a favorite order type among profession traders, are a combination of a profit target order and a stop loss order which are automatically placed when your entry order is filled.

Now, bracket orders will reside on CQG’s co-located servers giving you the best in reliability.

For more details about this feature please see the CQG Help file.

OTC Block Trades

NASDAQ Futures Exchange (NFX) and CQG have teamed up to provide an anonymous Request for Quote (RFQ) Block system for traders to execute OTC block trades. The new block trade system provides over-the-counter trade capability; which separates block trade quotes from Central Limit Order Book orders, but allows for the full dissemination of order quotes for these trades.

Traders authorized for the RFQ Block exchange can send an RFQ to others who are authorized for the RFQ Block exchange. Traders not authorized for the RFQ Block exchange will not see the RFQs.

You can rely on CQG technology as all matching of orders occurs within CQG.

For more details about this feature please see the CQG Help file.

Know Your Place with the Estimated Place in the Queue

CQG offers an estimate of where your order is in the queue of the Exchange’s order book. On the DOM ladder over the total working volume at the price of your order are the number of orders ahead of your order and the number of contracts ahead of your order giving you a sense of your chances to be filled.

For more details about this feature please see the CQG Help file.

Giving More Flexibility to Brokers

We're pleased to release this new Broker External Orders functionality which includes placing orders into any account (including accounts associated with the broker that are not set up on CQG), optional give up designation, and other exchange attributes.

For more details about this feature please see the CQG Help file.

Easily Suspend “Park Until” Orders

Quickly cancel activation for orders in the Park Until and Time Till states by right clicking on the cancel button and selecting “Park Indefinitely.” This will save you an extra step.

For more details about this feature please see the CQG Help file.

Reduce Your Costs: Long and Short Positions Supported

We have added a new feature to the trade routing interfaces and the Orders & Positions display. This feature allows you to place trades with a designation and instructions and depending on the exchange, this feature will reduce your fees.

For more details about this feature please see the CQG Help file.

Gateway 5.0
Every Microsecond Counts

Micro is the New Milli

Gateway 5.0 is our next-generation, low-latency order routing system. This version significantly reduces order processing latency, with some aspects being up to ten times faster. This means our customers have an even faster order routing system that builds upon our existing high-performance infrastructure.

Microsecond Routing to Our Multibroker Network

The order routing system accepts orders, performs risk checks, and delivers orders to our network of more than forty global exchanges. It also allows for higher levels of capacity and throughput for our users.

Gateway 5.0 is leveraged not only by our main product suite, CQG Integrated Client, CQG QTrader, and CQG M, but also by our global Continuum partners and firms.

Learn more about our order routing tools and features ‌‍‍‍‍

Gateway 5.0

Important Notes

  • Requires .Net Framework 4.6 or higher
  • CQG Version 2019 does not support Windows Vista or Windows XP.
  • CQG 2019 no longer supports DDE. Only RTD is supported.
  • Password requirements have changed. Passwords must include at least 8 characters, alpha and numeric characters, at least one special character, and both upper and lower case.
  • Customers using Algo order samples should upgrade to the latest versions for 2019 available here.

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