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CQG IC and QTrader have a portfolio manager that enables you to create a portfolio of instruments. Once a portfolio is created a common use is for CQG IC users to run a Market Scan testing various technical signals across the portfolio.

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This Microsoft Excel® dashboard displays all of the Globex-traded Three-Month SOFR contracts including volume and open interest data.

The first three columns detail the contract month and year, the expiration date and the number of days... more

Oscillators are very popular studies used by trader and analysts alike. Oscillators detrend the price data by calculating differences. The next image displays a simple oscillator named Momentum. It is the close - close 14 days ago. If the closing... more

CQG products such as CQG IC, QTrader and CQG One come with a collection of price-based studies which can be applied to charts to facilitate analysis. This post offers insight into the collection of moving average studies. Just what the studies... more

This Microsoft Excel® macro enabled dashboard pulls in the Three Month SONIA Index Futures Contract which is a cash settled future based on the interest rate on a three month sterling deposit.

The Dashboard enables the user to enter in the... more