CQG 2022 Latest Features
The following features and enhancements are available in CQG Integrated Client (CQG IC) version 2022.

DOM Price Scale Custom Compression

For some symbols the price ladder can be compressed, which means that ticks can be viewed in a quantity different from the exchange value.

You can set the amount of the compression next to the compression button making screen real estate more efficient. For more information, please see the Help file.

DOM Price Scale Custom Compression


UDS and Strategy Analysis Upgrade

The UDS functionality has been significantly updated with many more strategies and the ability to filter the Strategy Analysis window to list those suitable for trading at the CME, those suitable for trading at Eurex, Euronext, and the ICE exchanges, and those that are not tradable UDS symbols.

For more details, please read the Help file.



Net Change Curve Chart

The Net Change Curve chart displays a collection of symbols’ net price change or net percentage change making it easy to compare each market’s current sessions’ performance.

In addition, you can choose to set the net change curve chart to the current time and see the performance from that starting time.

For more details, please read the Help file and view this Workspace Post with a video.

Net change curve chart


Mini Profile Chart

The Market Profile Chart now has Mini Profiles providing the trader more detail and insight into market movement.

Read more details from the Help file.

Mini profile


Auto Trade Disconnect Alert

Setup an email alert notification when disconnected from the GW and/or Auto Trader.

Read more details from the Help file.

Autotrade disconnect alert


Introducing "Trade Clear"

Previous versions of CQG IC and QTrader cleared daily market values, such as open, high, low, and close from quote displays and the daily value for a chart when a particular market closed and was in the pre-open state. Now, they are cleared at the “Trade Clear” - 15 minutes before the open of the first trading session (generally, in the evening). This change applies to a limited set of commodities including ZSE, ZWA, ZLE, ZME, HE, GLE.

Read more from the Help file.


2021 Accomplishments


Update to UDS Functionality

The User Defined Strategies functionality in CQG has been updated to include over two-hundred strategies.

For all of the details, please read the Help file.



Bachelier Options Model

On April 21, 2020 the CME clearing house switched the options pricing and valuation model to Bachelier to accommodate negative prices in the underlying futures and allow for listing of option contracts with negative strikes. CQG 2021 includes the Bachelier model.

This link takes you to the Bachelier model help file.



RTD Toolkit Update

This updated Excel CQG RTD Toolkit Add-in is automatically installed with CQG IC 21-12-8042 Beta and higher. The updates are to the Orders and Positions tabs. New features and benefits include you can pull in filled and working symbols, fill prices, place and status update time, current open positions and more.

A detailed explanation and three downloadable Excel samples are here and the Help file is here.

RTD Toolkit


Easy access to Customer Support

The AskCQG toolbar button has been updated.


Click the button and your browser will open to the CQG Support page and at the bottom right is a Zendesk chat window connecting you to CQG Support for any assistance you need.



TFlow Aggregation by Bars Updated

The TFlow Chart type allows you to aggregate the TFlow bars by a user chosen number of bars. The limit for the number of bars has been expanded from 50 to now 5,000 bars.

TFlow Aggregation


Supplemental Commodity Index (CIT Report) Data Added

The Supplemental report is published for Futures-and-Options-Combined in selected agricultural markets and, in addition to showing all the information in the short format, shows positions of Index Traders.

To find the CIT symbols simply select the “CFTC Commitment of Traders” under the Exchange column and search for CIT.

This link takes you a Workspace post with a downloadable Excel file for the symbols.

Supplemental Commodity Index Data

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